Kamala Kelkar | About me

About me

Kamala is a journalist with a decade of experience from Oakland, Alaska, Thailand, India and now New York.


Lately she has been focusing on national stories for PBS NewsHour Weekend about injustices within the prison system and the vast disconnect between voters, policy makers and people in jail.


She has also written for many other leading outlets including Al Jazeera English, the Wall Street Journal and Public Radio International’s The World. One of her most favorite articles is a long read she wrote for the Guardian on how dubious brain scans are becoming arbiters of life in death penalty cases. She also co-produced an interactive from Delhi’s biggest relocation slum on the effects isolation has on the women there.


Kamala is also a New York board member of the nonprofit Women, Action and the Media!, which ekes out chromosomal dominance within the journalism industry.


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