Kamala Kelkar | About



Kamala is an enterprising, bioethics, environmental and social justice journalist reporting for PBS NewsHour Weekend. She has traversed through the Arctic, South Asia, West Coast and East Coast to write about the people and wildlife unique to these regions for the world’s most respected outlets.

With nine years of experience, she has reported for print, online, and radio and has earned a Master’s of Arts in science and health reporting at the Columbia School of Journalism with C.V. Starr and Robert Wood Johnson scholarships.

She has been on staff for the wire service Bay City News Service, San Francisco Examiner, News Corporation’s defunct iPad app The Daily and the Indian Express, a leading national daily in India. She has also ‘lanced for PRI’s The World, Al Jazeera English, the Wall Street Journal’s India blog, GlobalPost, VICE and many other publications.

Last winter she rode on a U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker through the Aleutian Islands to write about how the exclusive science ship operates in the Arctic. While reporting there she also exposed the federal government’s inability to save polar bears in the event of an oil spill. She also co-produced an immersive interactive for PRI’s The World on how isolated slum in Delhi compounds problems for women, including domestic violence. In New York, she published a long read with the Guardian on the complicated role of brain scans as evidence in death penalty cases.

She’s a bit of a wonk and also a major chump for wordplay because she knows a good pun is its own reword.