Kamala Kelkar | China bristles as India goes to polls

China bristles as India goes to polls





By: Kamala Kelkar and Michael Sheridan

The dangerous rivalry between the two nuclear-armed Asian giants, China and India, is set to sharpen if Narendra Modi, the Hindu nationalist, scores his predicted victory in elections in the world’s largest democracy that get under way tomorrow.

“Times have changed,” Modi, who has vowed to make his country a great power, told an election rally near the Chinese border.

“The world does not welcome the mindset of expansion in today’s times. China will also have to leave behind its mindset of expansion.”

Modi was speaking in Arunachal Pradesh, a northeast Indian state that is one of the most hotly contested areas between India and China.

The prospect of a new Great Game between the two countries in what is already a highly volatile part of the world has riveted the attention of America and Japan.

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Indian Photo Agency

Indian Photo Agency